The Rosewill Store at Newegg
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Excellent computer hardware, Excellent value

Exceptional value and a commitment to excellence describe Rosewill, a manufacturer of a comprehensive range of computer hardware products and peripherals. Rosewill’s mission is to “Win on Price, Quality and Service”, and the company has certainly succeeded in delivering.

The company’s in-depth lineup comprises of graphics cards (up to and including the high-performance NVIDIA GeForce 6000 and ATI X800 series products), LCD monitors, desktop and notebook memory expansion modules, computer cases, high-capacity power supply units, flash storage devices, optical drives, cooling fans, external hard drive enclosures, as well as keyboards and mice.

Despite the competitive prices of its offerings, Rosewill adds additional value with its uncompromising approach to product quality and customer service, which has earned it the unquestionable respect and support of its customers and peers.

Newegg proudly carries the full line of Rosewill products. On Newegg you will find not only the lowest prices, but friendly customer service too!